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July 5, 2013
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They sat out on the beach, basking in the warm summer sun, letting the water lap at their toes. The water was cold, but the air was hot. The lake was beautiful, crowned in trees and birds and shining.

"Come on, come in!" Dean shouted, splashing ___________. 

She took a sharp breath and attempted to wipe the water off of her. She scowled at Dean. "That's freezing and I'm wearing clothes."

He laughed. "But it's hot, isn't it?"

She didn't answer him. Sam smiled impishly and picked her up. He ran down the dock and jumped in, and ____________ had no choice but to follow. She gasped when they hit the water. She was going to yell at him, but when Sam came up laughing, she let it go. He looked so happy. Sam was hardly ever happy. He beamed at her through soaking wet bangs. He took her wrist and  dragged her out further until not even he could touch. They were trembling in the cold, clear water and smiling uncontrollably. 

"It's really cold," Sam said, smiling cheekily. "Colder than I thought."

"Yeah, it is!" she said, teeth chattering.

Suddenly she was pulled underwater. Sam's smile disappeared.

"Oh God." He ducked his head underwater but saw nothing. He swam down further and further, until his lungs were so deprived of oxygen, he could hardly move. He struggled to the top and let out a long breath. "____________! Where are you?" He took another huge gulp of air before diving down again. 

He came up again and searched for Dean, and found him on the dock with ___________, laughing.

____________ seemed very distraught. 

"Dean!" Sam thundered, swimming over. Dean sensed that he'd crossed a line. "What were you doing?"

"I just dragged her under the dock and then we came up again. You didn't see us?"

"No! I thought that some lake demon had snatched her up or something! What the hell Dean?" Sam snapped.

"I'm sorry man, it was just a joke." Dean squinted at Sam. "You were worried about her a little much weren't you, Sammy? Aw, Sammy's got a little crush doesn't he? He's just-"

"Dean I swear to God," Sam shouted, before tackling Dean and skidding off the dock. The brothers struggled in the water for a moment before coming up laughing. _____________ jumped in beside them, still thinking about what Dean had said. He was probably just teasing Sam. Sam didn't really like her. Did he? She dismissed the thought when they began a splash war. Who would want to miss that?

They enjoyed the water until the sun sunk below the horizon. They swam in and dried off, brushing dirt and sand off their clothes.

"You have a dryer right?" she asked, wrinkling her nose in mock irritation as they started the trek home.

"Nah, we don't need one, we just hang our clothes out on a line," Dean replied.

"I'm staying for you for a whole week and I only have one pair of jeans."

Sam laughed again. "It's okay, you can borrow some of my old stuff." 

"That won't fit me either," she snorted, pushing him playfully. "You're way to tall." 

He shrugged and pushed her back. "You can wear my shirt as a dress."

She nodded. "Alrighty, that's fine with me."

They got home and Sam tossed ___________ one of his flannels. She smiled and closed the door to the tiny bathroom. The cabin was cramped, but it was a good place to get away, from life and from demons. She looked at the sigils painted on the wall as she changed, their names rattling off in her head. Her jeans came off with a wet plop and her shirt had to be wrung out.

Sam's shirt came down to her knees and the sleeves hung off a good six or seven inches. She laughed. she emerged from the bathroom and Sam smiled. "Fits like a dream, doesn't it?"

She giggled. "I suppose it does."

She plopped down on the couch and flicked through the television. Since they were so far away, they received mostly static and crumbly white dots. She turned it off and turned on the radio.

Bob Dylan's voice crackled through the speakers and she felt a wave of nostalgia slam into her. 

Nights they'd spent in the Impala, drifting off to Knockin' on Heaven's Door. Times that Dean had protested Sam's crappy singing, as they'd sung along to Duquesne Whistle. Evenings they'd spent crying to Blowin' in the Wind.

Those times were so much simpler.

Sam felt it too, and he edged closer to ___________. He wrapped his arms around her and they sat back on the couch, just listening. She was so sweet in his arms.

"What Dean said today, about me liking you and stuff," Sam started, blushing. "It was true. I really do."

"I like you too," she murmured sleepily. She drifted off to The Times They Are a-Changing. Sam pressed his lips to her forehead and began to doze off too.

Dean walked into the living room, still dripping from his shower, asking where there were more towels, but cut himself short. He smiled when he say Sam and __________ curled up on the couch together.

"Sammy's finally got a girlfriend," he said to himself, walking into his bedroom. "Huh. Took him long enough."
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