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Philip Blake x Reader - Part II
She stared at it, the muscles in her jaw jumping. Its hungry, grinding teeth gnawed on that fraying fabric endlessly. Her face quivered with shock and nausea. 
She slammed the harsh, cold metal into its temple. The shriek she'd been holding in finally emitted in a wail of pain and fury and exhaustion. 
She hacked at it until she could hardly swing anymore. Her arms trembled and her elbows creaked. 
She knew she'd have to set out soon; she could already hear the walkers moaning.
Her tongue was swathed in velvet, and her sobs caught in the dry stitches of her teeth.
"God help me," she gasped. She felt her whole body tremble when she heaved herself off of her haunches. She looked over at the horizon, gauging her time to find a shelter. She guessed she had about an hour. She felt warmth spring in her eyes again, like water from a well.
She blinked them away and started walking again, with cinderblock feet and a churning stomach.
She came upon a small outc
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Philip Blake x Reader - Part I
He stumbled on, the daze so overbearing he wasn't sure if he was even moving. A walker growled and reached for him, but he stepped out of it's way, not even bothering to push it away. He tripped forward and lay there, hoping that death would swallow him up, that the earth would let him disintegrate into nothing but dust. It was strange to him, how he was a whole human, and entire living, breathing being, but he was more dead than those around him. The only things that he felt anymore were the last bits of sanity and hope being torn from him. He was alone, as he had been for seven months now. He'd lost his heart to lack of company and lack of family and lack of humans.
He watched the slow, dragging feet of another walker approach. He didn't try to move. As it moaned and leaned down to take a chunk out of his neck, he heard the painfully bright sound of a gunshot. The walker crumpled and Philip watched as the oily mess of fetid fluid oozed from it's head. He closed his eyes.

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Philip Blake x Reader
__________ stabbed a walker in the face, hard. She was angry, and with good reason. Her group had discarded her, just because some woman had a baby? One would think that the more people there were, the more protection the kid would have. She was betrayed and lost and frankly, frightened. She'd only been alone out in the "wilds", as her former group had called it, twice.
She raised her gun and aimed at a stumbling figure in the distance. It tripped forward even more, walking with that slow and slurred gait. 
She snorted in disgust and her finger tightened on the trigger. The figure stopped suddenly and watched. It did not move out of the way. It just stared at her.
She lowered her gun and stared back. She walked tentatively towards it, her finger tight against the trigger. 
He was tall and slim, and his hair was an untrimmed, tangled mess. A five o'clock shadow ghosted his face and his right eye was covered by a black patch. He looked at her from under his lashes, a forlorn bu
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Daryl Dixon x Reader - Part III
___________ made sure the door was barred shut before going to sleep. The distant groans of the walkers mingled with the buzzing of the flies outside and she began to drift off.
Daryl Dixon had been something she had never seen coming. She could have left him out there to die, become another hunk of half-rotten flesh wandering around moaning. Maybe she'd have shot him down in the future and not given a second thought about those steely blue eyes.
She probably should have left him to die, if she'd had any sense at the moment. 
She closed her eyes and finally fell into a slow, sluggish sleep, the exhaustion of the past two days finally catching up to her.
For a little while, she had her peace, but not for long. The acrid scent of smoke bit her nose and the roar of the fire raging outside her door suddenly blasted into her ears. She refrained from letting out a scream; she couldn't risk that now if ever. An enormous tree crashed mere feet away from her tiny cabin. The dry grass
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Lucifer x Reader - Request
"Dad, really, it's no big deal. I'll probably ditch him when we move again," __________ said, trying not to sound too pleading. "Really, you don't have to meet him. It's-"
"We won't be moving for a while," her mother cut in. "Not until the werewolves are gone. And he sounds fine, just bring him over for dinner tonight, won't you?"
Her father glared at her from across the room. "He better come looking good, and acting good or may the Devil have sympathy for him."
___________ coughed to hide her laughter. "I'll let him know."
She biked over to the park as quickly as she could, eager to see the one boy she loved the most. She saw him resting on a bench tapping his fingers along the green, peeling paint, and she promptly plopped down. He smirked at her.
"Look who's-"
"You're coming over for dinner," she interrupted. 
He swallowed. "What now?" 
"My parents want to see you, or I can't see you anymore. Which would you rather?" she asked. Lucifer rolled his eyes.
"This is fun."
"I kn
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Dean x Reader - Request
He let the hot water wash over his shoulders as he lay curled on his side on the bottom of the bathtub, letting the tears stream down. 
"Dean." _________ knelt down beside the bathtub and rubbed his shoulder. She turned off the shower and tossed him a towel. "Come here."
He wrapped the towel around himself tightly and turned away. "Go 'way. I'm having a moment."
_________ rubbed his shoulder and rested her chin on the rim of the tub. "You gotta get out sometime."
"Come out now."
He shook his head and let out a shaky breath. "I don't want to go out there."
"The world, it's scary, _________. Demons and people who wanna kill you and even the angels wanna rip every damn thing you love to pieces," he choked. "I need a bottle."
"No, no," she smiled. "Come here."
She tugged on his arm and he sat up, grumbling and wiping his tears away. He pushed his way into his bedroom and tossed on an old AC/DC shirt and a pair of boxers. He flopped down into bed.
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Mature content
Daryl Dixon x Reader - Part II :iconsigynsfanlit:sigynsfanlit 65 38
Loki x Reader - Request
__________ was never a particularly special servant; she was just a very quiet and dutiful one. Odin appreciated her with occasional head nods, Thor gave her his big smile. She had not seen Prince Loki since his imprisonment back on Asgard. 
She was surprised when given the duty of tending to him. She'd never been close to him, nor had she ever really spoken to the brooding, mysterious god. She'd spent her time away from the royalty, for the most part, actually. She supposed this could be a part of the reason she was assigned the task. 
She was honestly terrified of him. He had destroyed races, left behind a family who loved him, and committed unspeakable crimes, solely for power. She'd heard of his excommunication. 
Thor no longer considered him a brother, though he used the term loosely. 
He was no longer a son of Odin.
Even Frigga refused to see him, her shock and scorn for him unmistakeable. 
Odin was adamant with her. "Let no one see him. Do not do an
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Bittersweet - Chapter 43
"Dean please!" she shouted. "He's dying he says you know! Castiel he's-" 
"Castiel is here but I don't know anything!" Dean yelled. "I'm not going to- No, I don't know, can- Stop screaming __________!"
Castiel emitted something of a low growl and snatched Dean's hand. "We're going."
Dean stumbled forward, slipping in silver and feathers. 
He landed on his hands and knees. "What the hell is this?"
"Grace," Castiel said softly.
________ was holding Gabriel against her shoulder, her hands pressed to his wings. The faint golden sheen of a shadow struck Dean. 
Castiel had shadow wings too.
Dean remembered having to watch his angel die.
He felt tears prick in his eyes and something fierce crawl into his mouth. He swore loudly, to let it escape. 
"Fuck!" he shouted, wiping his tears away. He knelt next to Gabriel. "Tell me what to do, I don't know!" 
Gabriel nodded sleepily. "Blood of the Righteous, brother. I need a little of that s-stuff. You remember Dr. Sexy MD, d
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Lucifer x Reader - Request
Who's that I see walkin' in these woods
Why, it's Little Red Riding Hood
Hey there Little Red Riding Hood
You sure are looking good
You're everything a big bad wolf could want
Listen to me

Lucifer hated going to Purgatory. It was the worst possible destination, but he needed a particular monster to do something for him, and in order to get him, he had to trudge through that disgusting forest himself. He smelled that soft, mottled, utterly human scent on the wind and slowed down. People didn't last long in Purgatory. Their souls lasted a bit longer but they too were destroyed eventually. 
Eventually he came upon a younger looking girl. Suddenly, in a flash of fabric, he felt something sharp press against his neck. She was pretty in her looks, but the way she was holding the knife to his throat indicated she was deeper than that. 
"What are you doing?" she growled. 
"Hey now." Lucifer held his hands up. "I'm nothing but an angel, lost around here."
:iconsigynsfanlit:sigynsfanlit 197 41
Sam x Lucifer
Sam let out a soft chuckle as he tilted his head back and took a swig of whiskey. It was warming as well as disgusting on his tongue. It reminded him too much of red-letter days and rides in the Impala with Dean.
As illegal as it is, they used to pass a bottle of Jack between them and talk quietly on bumpy country roads. Sam was hungry for days like those again, now with the world settled and perfectly balanced. It sickened him that everything was so utterly peaceful, though this was what he'd wanted all along. 
The cold was so familiar, and in a revolting way. He wanted to push it away and put on another shirt but this cold was one from the inside and one he couldn't shake. 
"It's been a while." Sam choked on his whiskey.
He threw the heavy-bottomed glass at the nearest figure. It shattered against the person's face, leaving dripping blood, alcohol and broken glass on the floor. Sam turned towards the open door. How hadn't he seen that?
Sam tried to calm his shuddering and r
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Sam x Gabriel
Sam licked his fingers and turned the page gingerly, almost fearfully.
The Bible was nothing to disrespect. 
"So, whatcha reading, sasquatch?" 
The warm breath on his neck and the fingers running through his hair suddenly became shockingly real.
"Which boring boring book?" 
"I'm reading Luke."
"That's a bit entertaining, because-"
"You're in it."
Gabriel snorted; he disliked being beaten to his quips. 
He could almost smell the distrust on Sam's skin. He drew away for a moment and watched Sam read. He finally saw his shoulders slacken, and his furrowed brow ease up as he read on the floor by the fire. Gabriel liked seeing Sam like this; it was a rare and breathtaking sight.
Sam's mouth was parted slightly as he read. Sometimes he muttered a word or two. His hair fell in his face, even after he tucked it back. The corners of his mouth expressed those tiny emotions; a twinge at the corners of his mouth, a dip in his lower lip. 
His eyes were glowing matches as th
:iconsigynsfanlit:sigynsfanlit 23 15
Bittersweet - Chapter 42
_________ sat there frozen in time, unable to move. Out of fear, terror, horror or shock she wasn't sure.
She watched as Gabriel struggled to lift his head and then suddenly that trance shattered. She tripped over her own feet in an effort to get to him and she landed on her knees.
"Gabriel, I'm here," she said, reaching up to him. She brushed his cheek. "It's okay, I'll call Michael! He can help!"
He opened his mouth, but the words faltered and he bit his tongue. His sad honey eyes were downcast. 
"Tell me what to do!" she pressed, trying to stop the tears from flowing. He shook his head. She cupped his face in her hand. "Tell me! Please!" 
"K-Kiddo," he garbled. "I'll be okay, p-promise. Call D-Dean."
"What? Why?" she asked, pulling her phone out. She dialed his number and Gabriel nodded.
"H-He'll know."
:iconsigynsfanlit:sigynsfanlit 23 10
you thought i was kidding by sigynsfanlit you thought i was kidding :iconsigynsfanlit:sigynsfanlit 3 6
Bittersweet - Chapter 41
Gabriel felt the presence of Lucifer, as Michael had said. 
He burst into the abandoned house and shot straight down to the basement. __________ sat there, her form crooked and her arms twisted in awkward ways. Her head was lolled back and her eyes were closed.
Bruises swelled along her neck and jaw, and a nice-sized handprint shocked her face.
Gabriel took a shaky step towards her. 
"____________?" He got to her and brushed her arm lightly. "___________ can you hear me?"
He started the healing process and ___________'s arms began to mend themselves. Her crippled back straightened again and the blood cleared away. Her eyes fluttered open. 
He felt his face loosen in relief and an excited, yet worried smile spread.
"Gabriel!" Castiel managed a strangled shout as he was ripped to pieces suddenly, by a force no one else could see.
Gabriel felt prickling pain as Lucifer jerked him down by his hair. "Aw, you're back? Well well, where's Michael?"
"He didn't come," Gabriel grun
:iconsigynsfanlit:sigynsfanlit 21 21
Sherlock x Reader
This one comes and this one goes
So here we are across the road

"Sherlock?" __________ couldn't breathe. "H-He-"
John nodded, swallowing hard. "He's gone. O-Our flatmate is gone, actually."
She watched as they wheeled him away on a stretcher. She wanted to reach out for him, to see him, but she was terrified as well. ___________ felt her eyes flooding with tears. She couldn't stop them.
Even in death, Sherlock was the only person able to make her cry so outright.
John turned away and clenched his fists. "That idiot."
_________ felt the sob erupt from her body, suddenly and sharply. She felt cold air channel into her nose as she took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. She couldn't. She felt her knees tremble, and John caught her. He pulled her close and rubbed her back.
"I-I know. I know."
In whispers, in whispers
You say: let it go, let it go home

They spent months in the quiet flat, hardly able to breathe in the scent of the p
:iconsigynsfanlit:sigynsfanlit 83 56


12 Andrew Scott as Jim Moriarty by harbek 12 Andrew Scott as Jim Moriarty :iconharbek:harbek 1,474 150
Royals (Loki x Reader)
(Loki x Reader)
(Author’s note: This is a oneshot.  It has nothing to do with my Loki x Reader series.)
“You cheated.”
“No I didn’t!”
“Well I’m a god and I say you did,” Loki said.  He arched one of his dark brows as if daring you to contradict him again.  You sighed and began placing the glass chess pieces back on the board.
“So I’m guessing you want another rematch?”  You asked flatly.  Loki’s expression turned thoughtful as he pondered your suggestion, but after a moment he shook his head.
“No.  I find this to be rather tedious,” he said decidedly.  He arched his back against his chair and stretched.  You rolled your eyes.  You had been playing for hours.  He was just now finding it tedious?
“No kidding…”
Loki’s emerald eyes flickered to you.  “What was that?”
“Nothing.”  You shru
:iconanimeartistren:AnimeArtistRen 323 50
Mature content
Chapter 3! DarkCupidReader x Jack Frost :iconperverchian-nyan:Perverchian-nyan 2 6
Chapter 2! DarkCupidReader x Jack Frost
You taught you had seen every kind of place.
God, you were wrong.
You're now in a blue room, big christal windows instead of walls. Outside, there are thousands of many different flowers; roses, violets, forget-me-nots, red spiders... So many, you can't name them all.
The tables are covered in pastries, cups, glasses, and golden ornaments.
In the roof, a chandelier seems to be looking at you, and watching over everyone. The room... Is magnificent.
You appreciate the beauty of the room, and would enjoy it gladly... But, as usual, you're not in the mood. You're in a corner, trying so hard not to kill yourself.
"Those heels... I hate them, they're such a torture" you thik, sipping your drink. You have champagne in one hand, and a pastry in the other.
You hear loud noises; Pippa and Jamie just arrived, waving. She seems to be looking for someone. When she spots you, she grabs her fianceé and drags him towards you.
—(Y/N)— she waves. People stares at her like she's crazy.
:iconperverchian-nyan:Perverchian-nyan 3 16
Mature content
Chapter 1 ! DarkCupidReader x Jack Frost :iconperverchian-nyan:Perverchian-nyan 3 12
Mature content
Jack Frost x Reader! Cupid Dark Prologue :iconperverchian-nyan:Perverchian-nyan 5 2
Philip 'The Governor' Blake by terlebooba Philip 'The Governor' Blake :iconterlebooba:terlebooba 82 11 The dead can fly by jaxonshadows The dead can fly :iconjaxonshadows:jaxonshadows 2 0 Theories Of Light Front Cover by Ascending-Storm Theories Of Light Front Cover :iconascending-storm:Ascending-Storm 5,863 353 charcoal face by derekjones charcoal face :iconderekjones:derekjones 1,602 229 Castiel by AtitayaPnikorn Castiel :iconatitayapnikorn:AtitayaPnikorn 250 21 Random dancing by discogrrl Random dancing :icondiscogrrl:discogrrl 2 9 NIck fury and Obama cross-over!!!!! by discogrrl NIck fury and Obama cross-over!!!!! :icondiscogrrl:discogrrl 4 0 Nick furry! MEOWA!! by discogrrl Nick furry! MEOWA!! :icondiscogrrl:discogrrl 2 9 LADY NICK FURY!!!! by discogrrl LADY NICK FURY!!!! :icondiscogrrl:discogrrl 3 13 ... more like bootypest by Sairobi ... more like bootypest :iconsairobi:Sairobi 360 42


I hate to say this, but I think I'll be leaving dA.

I have seriously enjoyed being on here; I have not received as much love or support anywhere else, and I've met some wonderful people. You have all moved me further and given me more helpful criticism than many other places could offer, and you have all given me the confidence to actually pursue writing in college. I thank you all so dearly for this, and I wish I could repay you.

Unfortunately, I have a lot of things ahead of me and I don't have much time for my writing anymore. As much as I love it, I don't have the time to watch the shows or read the novels that I love so much, nevermind write fanfiction for them. 

For those of you who waited and waited on requests that I still haven't finished, I am so sorry, but I don't think much can be said for it now. For those who have read half-finished fics, and are desperate for more, I'm sorry, but please take it on and write for me! I would be glad to hear from any of you. I'll check back here periodically for messages and the like, but I probably won't update or post anymore, nor will I be as involved in the dA community.

Thank you all so much for all the support and the encouragement and all the sweet things and favourites. I love you guys so much, and I hope you succeed in any of your artistic (and other) pursuits. It has been an awesome journey with some wonderful people and I am so glad to have met you all. Thanks again for your inspiration and motivation; I won't forget it!


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